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The founder grew up wanting to change the world for the better.
She entered pageants with the idea of using the title to shine a
light on and help the organizations who help so many. She also
wanted to personally do what she could for many others.

Melisa competed internationally in many systems. She always said
"You Win Some You Lose Some - But Enjoy The Comradery And Do Some

Later she decided that there was not enough good being done. In
2014 she decided to start a movement with the emphasis on doing
good at all levels. This movement was an ambassadorial society
which became Universe International.

In 2015, researched and applied for the Universe International®
Trademark which was approved (2016) in International
Classification 041 "Providing recognition and incentives by the
way of awards and contests to demonstrate excellence in the field
of non-profit work as a current member of an ambassador society;
Providing recognition and incentives by the way of awards to
promote women in the field of non-profit work."

Universe International was and is the ambassadorial society where
women representing many countries and states came together to
assist each other, promote giving back to the community, and
being a positive force for change.

Since then her ambassadors around the world embraced the
Universe International® Concept and worked wonders. Melisa and
many others have and are making the difference she envisioned.

She is pictured above with the original Crown and Sash.

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