2020 Ms. Universe 2021

Hajera Naieem


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By day she is a public relations and operation consultant for
a hedge fund company, while her alter ego is a successful
print and runway model who walked for Ashley Lauren, Mark
Defang, Pixon Designs, and other commercial and independent

A regular at New York Fashion Week, Hajera has traveled from
her native Pakistan to Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia,
Turkey, Canada, and Mexico. and has been seen in Las Vegas
magazines as well as other print media in the southwest.
European travel and clients are next for her expansion plans.
Hajera competed at the national and international level for
many years representing Pakistan as well her residences in the
United States.

She comes from a strict culture and has always been active in
sports, loves cooking, and painting. She was both surprised
and excited to be able to take advantage of the many
possibilities available to her when she first traveled. She
became an advocate and is proud of the many positive changes
that have taken place in her birth country. There is much more
to be done in all countries as women are encouraged to step
out of their comfort zone and be more active in their

Hajera is an active member of UNICEF and states that no job is
too big or too small when a child can be helped. As an
ombudsman for the Refugee Alliance in the United States, she
assists refugees with language problems, adjusting to a new
culture, finding a residence and hopefully employment
recognizing that they want to be a contributing part of a
wonderful country.

She currently resides in the United States and is a
spokesperson, fundraiser, organizer, recruiter, volunteer,
sponsor procurer - she has been there, done that, and will
never stop.

Hajera Naeemís mission as Ms. Universe is to change the world
even if it has to be one person at a time.

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