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Paula Moussa (Texas)

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Your Ms. Universe is an educated mother,
influencer, entrepreneur, and community advocate.
Her first commitment in her adult life has
always been her children. She has two sons: Elvis – 17
years old; and Julian – 16 years old, whom are both growing into
impressive men. She loves them beyond all else and recognizes how
important it is to provide her next generation the maximum
utility that will allow them to thrive.
Endeavoring to continuously challenge herself in career pursuits,
she is highly respected in her industry. She is the leader in her
delegated region, providing oil derivatives for the production of
high-end products that can be found in any household.
Of her own volition, she had the wherewithal to embark on a
journey from war torn Lebanon with two young children. Fluent in
multiple languages, English was unknown to her. No mechanisms
were provided to bridge the cultural divide. Determined to
acclimate and thrive, she emersed herself into the culture and
taught herself English which enabled her to overcome various
hurdles as they arose.
She vehemently believes in always presenting your best self. As
such, she has a keen eye for fashion. She is an ambassador for
several major fashion clothing lines by both promoting and
modeling. Subsequently, she has achieved a large following as an
influencer for tens of thousands of fashion-conscious
Given the circumstances of her arrival to the United States,
Paula is very sensitive to the challenges young female expats
must contend with on a daily basis. As such, she provides various
publicly funded organizations services such as language
interpretation, English language tutelage, confidence building,
and coaching on approaches in overcoming obstacles. Expounding on
these interactions, she builds ongoing relationships that can
last many years.
She is a strong advocate for the amazing organization “Girls On
The Run”. This group specializes as an advocate for action
involving abused children employing long-term programs that
includes camping, sports, counseling, friendship building, and
coaching which allows for building social, emotional and physical
skills that will take them into adulthood.
As Ms. Universe, Paula is taking on the issue of domestic
violence especially with women from other cultures who are
conditioned to think of themselves as chattels.

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