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Denae Ball

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Your Ms. Universe International is a multi-talented mom, actor,
dancer, model, entrepreneur, and healer.
She is a mother of two sons, Amari Ball (27) a senior at South
Carolina State University (English Literature Major) who is also
a coach (boxing and dating) music producer, actor, poet,
musician, and Mylon Kelley (20) Graduate of Riverside High
School, an active online gamer, who also has an eye and skill set
for infrastructure and engineering. He is employed at a Go-kart
racing track in Fishers, Indiana. Her sons are her greatest
achievements, whom she loves so much, and why God has her to keep
pushing, breaking barriers, and reaching beyond limitations.
Denae has an extensive background in the entertainment, health,
and wellness fields. She has professional experience in acting;
specifically in theater, commercials, infomercials, reality tv,
talk shows, educational videos, and short films. Denae's dancing
experience includes modern, jazz, hip-hop, African, liturgical
(praise), and cheer. She danced with Margaret Bell Dance Studios,
Inc and Mahogany Dancers under the direction of Delores Anderson.
Denae's professional modeling experiences include the areas of
print, fashion, and promotional media.
Denae loves being fit. She received a national Presidential
Physical Fitness Award from Ronald Reagan (1986). After that, the
awards kept mounting up. She is a member of The Indianapolis
Colts Cheerleader Alumni Group, the NFL Alumni Association, and
the National Football Cheerleaders Alumni Organization. In public
speaking, Silver and Bronze medals for writing and oratory
competitions from Toastmasters International came her way. She
also received an Honorable mention award from the National Caring
Institute. She is the first recipient of The Freedom Award 2021
from I AM Her International.
She attended Indiana Wesleyan University for Business
Administration, Medtech College, and Indiana Therapeutic Massage
School for massage therapy studies. Denae has been practicing
massage therapy since 1998 and is the Sole Proprietor, Healer,
and Spa Owner of Angel Touch Therapy & Consulting, LLC. in
Indianapolis (angeltouchtlc.com). Her company is a unique and
extraordinary faith-based holistic health & wellness company
focused on hands-on healing techniques using muscle work, stretch
sessions, sports massage, ear candling, sauna sessions, athletic
and injury taping, guided meditation, prophecy, deliverance and
spiritual warfare prayer for healing and the edification of her
clients and customers. She has had the pleasure of working with
well-known actors, musicians, community leaders, and professional
athletes across the board such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. In
addition to her healing sessions, she has a line of custom
healing hot and cold packs for sore muscles.
She loves to motivate and encourage others to navigate their
healing journey and reach healthier lifestyle goals. You can find
her on most social media platforms. She is currently working on
her first book, “Been There. Done That... But There’s Got to Be
More!” an autobiography.
Denae has had to battle and overcome many isolated challenges in
life. Those include a "domestic abusive marriage and multiple
abusive relationships," fighting a system to return an abducted
son from the other parent, suffering severely with mental health
issues, self medicating through the addiction to crack, cocaine,
marijuana, opiate pain pills, crystal meth and heroin,
cigarettes, alcohol and misaligned oppressive connections.
She tried hard to get rid of the pain from rejection and
abandonment from those whom she thought were close to her. She
tried three times to get admitted into rehab on her own but was
turned away each time. She has also had to watch and care for her
Dad who passed away from cancer. The many struggles and
insurmountable amounts of pain warranted going to the source of
her healing, which was God! She cried, pleaded, and labored unto
the Lord for her healing and HE heard her cry and healed her. She
is now filled with love, peace, and joy. She now has the duty to
be a light unto someone else's life through her gifted hands,
loving heart, and life experiences.
As the reigning Ms. Universe International, her mission is to
support people like her who face similar challenges, hardships,
and inequalities. They now have a voice and advocate. Her prayer
is to help others overcome pitfalls and start the healing process
and maintain healthy lifestyles. Denae is both proud and humbled
to represent the women of the world.

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